Program Introduction

The UWS MBA aims to cultivate students' ability to manage enterprises with an international perspective and solve complex challenges in a rapidly changing modern business world. Graduates are widely recognized and praised.



As part of the internationalization of the University, UWS is in collaboration with several academic institutions in Europe and Asia-Pacific region to offer some undergraduate and postgraduate programs including MBA. International students can study locally and are eligible to gain a degrees awarded by the University of the West of Scotland upon successful completion, which is the same as those obtained by on-campus study. Students will also be eligible to attend graduation ceremonies in Scotland and to join the UWS Alumni Association.



Knowledge Universe is the Translational Educational Partner of UWS to offer UWS MBA (top-up), students who complete the London Examinations Board (LEB) Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration (PGDBA) will be eligible to progress onto the top-up MBA awarded by UWS and undertake the Strategic Business Project module at the knowledge Universe Approved Learning Center in Macau. Upon successful completion, the student will gain the degree of Master of Business Administration awarded by the University of the West of Scotland.  


LEB PGDBA consists by 8 compulsory modules and 2 optional modules with 120 credits in total.

Upon successful completion of LEB PGDBA,the student is eligible to progress onto UWS MBA Strategic Business Project . 

UWS MBA Strategic Business Project worth 60 credits by 2 parts: 1. Business Plan, 2. Business Project Report. The student need to submit a report of about 12,000 words









UWS MBA Strategic Business Project



There are two main parts in  Strategic Business Project: 1. Business Plan 2. Business Project. The student will complete that under the guideline of UWS authorized instructors. 
Business Plan is to propose a business plan baesd on a specific area the student be familiar with, it worth 25% of the total marks; Business Project worths another 75% and it is the research and improvement project of one specific area within the organization, which includes the cause of the issue, the samples and evidence used in research, the influence, the solution proposal, theoretical basis and implementation of the solution.



Students will be able to use UWS online resource,will be assigned student ID,online library account ,mailbox,etc. 


Students complete their strategic business projects under the guidance of UWS recognized experienced supervisors.


Upon completion , students will gain the  Master's degree in Business Administration awarded by the University of the West of Scotland. 


※ Graduation ceremonies are held at Scotland twice a year.