UWS Global MBA 课程介绍

Course Structure



●  分析组织的战略背景并设想必要的方向和行动

●  评估和选择适当的流程或行动,以发展管理层和员工参与关键和战略性思考的潜力(例如决策制定,授权,信息,考量等)

●  评估与其他组织建立伙伴关系的机会和策略,以实现战略目标

Leading Organization

Upon completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

●  Analyze a strategic context of an organization and envision necessary directions and activities

●  Evaluate and select appropriate processes or actions for developing the potential of managers and employees for engaging in critical and strategic thinking (e.g. involvement in decision making, empowerment, information, concern, etc)

●  Evaluate opportunities and strategies for developing partnerships with other organisations to achieve strategic goals