UWS Global MBA 课程介绍

Course Structure



●  审慎评估财务和会计报告的信息内容及其作为评估企业绩效的工具所扮演的角色

●  理解财务规划工具和技术及其对实现组织核心目标做出的贡献

●  在制定组织公司战略的过程中探索财务建模的作用

●  评估用于长期决策的财务建模结果

Managerial Accounting

Upon completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

●  Critically evaluate the informational content of financial and accounting reports and their use as tools for appraising corporate performance

●  Develop an understanding of financial planning tools and techniques and the contribution they make to the achievement of an organisation’s core objectives

●  Explore the role of financial modeling in the context of developing an organisation’s corporate strategy

●  Evaluate the results of financial models used for long term decision making