UWS Global MBA 课程介绍

Course Structure



●  批判性地理解,他们的思维需要超越诸如思维和行为,结构和文化,战略和实施等二元论,而是将这些视为人类和组织生活统一进程中的不同方面,才能成功地参与到人力资本管理过程中来

●  分析和评估人力资本管理方法中出现的各种选择,以及这些方法如何与组织处理其不断变化的环境及其利益相关方的整体战略相关联

●  对当前的管理方式进行批判性评估,了解这些方式如何帮助确定人力资本资源提供的战略方向,并为其组织中的就业管理问题制定适当和相关的解决方案

Managing Human Capital

Upon completion of this unit, learners will be able to:

●  Demonstrate a critical understanding that to engage successfully in processes of human capital management, their thinking needs to go beyond such dualisms as thinking and acting, structure and culture, strategy and implementation, and see each of these as different facets of unified processes in human and organizational life

●  Analyze and evaluate the choices presented in approaches to human capital management practices and how these relate to the overall strategic way an organization handles its changing environment and the range of stakeholders with which it deals

●  Critically appraise current managerial practices to inform the way they can contribute to the strategic direction of human capital resourcing, and develop appropriate and relevant solutions to employment management issues in their organizations