This program not only brings me wonderful curriculum and British educational experience, but also brings me a critical way of thinking and a new perspective, which provides me with real experience of a first-class course.

Jack Liu / Director of Tesco

I have benefited a lot from this program. There are a lot of case studies in the course. The group discussion offers chance to have a profound understanding of the challenges facing in all aspects of the company’s operation.

I am very glad to study this program. This program not only brings me proof of academic achievement, but also brings me unforgettable memories of my study life. Everything at Paisley’s graduation ceremony was so beautiful. I can see that new chances are opening to me.

Lin Chan Chen / Managing Director of TCS

Introduction of the Programme

Part-time programme

※ UWS MBA via LEB PGDBA,student will progress onto UWS MBA upon sucessful completetion of PGDBA modules

※ MBA degree gained is the same as those obtained on the campus

※ 8 compulsory modules & 2 optional modules for LEB PGDBA with 120 credits

Strategic Business Project for the UWS MBA with 60 credits.

※ Research methods workshop and business case studies


※ Each module of the PGDBA is assessed by an individual assignment

Assement for the UWS MBA Strategic Business Project is based on a submitted project proposal worth 25% and a business project of between 10,000 to 15,000 words which carries 75% of the total marks

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Modules of the Programme

London Examination Board(LEB)

London Examination Board ( LEB ) is a UK entity registered with the UK Register of Learning Providers (number 10043715) and the Education and Skills Funding Agency UK LEB’s headquarters is in Hertfordshire, England and also has an Asia regional office. LEB has collaborations with UK universities to deliver their qualification overseas and collaborations with Australian and other overseas universities to deliver their qualifications beyond their own borders. LEB has over 50 certificated, academic and executive diplomas and undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes. All LEB programmes are independently assessed and endorsed by Ofqual recognised awarding organisations. These Ofqual recognised awarding organisations will jointly issue the London Examinations Board certificates.The LEB internal and external verifiers for each collaborative programme are approved by the Ofqual recognised awarding organisations and they undertake annual audits to ensure strict compliance with academic and/or industry standards and award requirements.